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Tiger injuries 7 including children in southern Somalia

Mogadishu(Faanoole)-A tiger has on  Thursday injured 7 people including young children after attacking residents in Wanlaweyne town in lower Shabelle town in southern Somalia, officials said.

Wanlaweyne District Comissioner, Mohamed Sidow Abdirahman confirmed that the police forces shot down the tiger after the attack in the town, Faanoole reported.

” A tiger from unknown direction entered into the town this morning and injured 7 people mostly children, the victims are treated in the hospital now, this is the first such attack from a wild animal like tiger and lion here” Mr. Abdirahman said.

Mr. Abdirahman added that the police killed the tiger in a very professional way while inside a house in the center of the town.

One of the doctors of the main hospital in town, Dr. Mustaf Hussein told Faanoole by phone that four of the victims are still being treated in the hospital now, saying one female child with serious injuries.

Such incidents are rare to happen in Somalia as it is believed that wild animals in Somalia escaped from wars after the collapse of the central government in 1991.

By Mohamed Osman “Black Cobra”

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