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Somali Government reiterates its neutral role over Gulf crisis

Mogadishu(Faanoole)-The Cabinet of the Federal Government of Somalia has today on Thursday agreed to its stance  over its neutrality on Gulf Crisis and called for sister states to end their diplomatic row through dialogue, Faanoole reported.

The Ministers reiterated the Federal Government’s decision to this issue on 7th June, 2017 which was indicating to take neutral role in the conflict among Gulf States, and it believes that the dispute should be solved in a diplomatic procedure.

According to article 54 of the Interim Constitution of Somalia, the Somali Government can only reach decision from issues on its foreign affairs such as: Defense, citizenship, travel and money policy.

” Somalia used take a mediation role while dispute among sister countries arise, historically it used to support the unity of Arab, African and Islamic states in the region, Somalia did not cut ties from Egypt when some Arab state did during Camp David accord which led to the states to follow Somalia’s neutral role later and Somalia got approval to that position of diplomacy”, said a statement from the cabinet.

The cabinet also discussed issues on the Security, budget 2018 and other programs according to the statement.

By Mohamed Osman “Black Cobra”

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