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Flower Shop at Afar-irdod, Xamar-weyne.Mog.so

Pictures: Flower shop in Mogadishu gives signal for decoration

Mogadishu(SONNA)-The Somali Capital Mogadishu experiences positive changes and emerges with many constructive and attractive appearance including new active, unique and old fashioned business activities back after more than two decades now.

Normal citizens or foreigners come for shopping and visiting to some of major markets in Mogadishu like Bakara, Suq-Bacad and Hamar-weyne and  would get pleasure to ongoing business activities, transports unloading goods and large people involved in selling and buying products.

People seem to be got tired of aimless violence and clannish conflict and turned into two fields, business and education; the educational Institutions are also for business purpose despite vibrant role in producing young qualified students.

Flower shop is  unique and new business here in the capital Mogadishu having frequent customers coming for buying for a lot of different occasions in terms of decorations for the new year, marriage ceremonies, Valentine Days, festivals and graduation occasions.

I have paid to a visit to new flower shop laid very beautiful flowers with different colors at Afar-Irdood’s popular junction in Hamar-weyne market in the capital Mogadishu on April this year.

This is a flower shop, Nur Cala-Nur with every kind of flowers for decorations and gifts available, they artificial flowers from China, India and Dubai according to shopkeeper.

Majid Nur, is the seller of the flower shop and explains flower products available in his shop and the customers and price

“We have opened this flower shop a year ago, our customers were not more earlier months, but increased and learned later, we made another two branches, there in the corner of market and in Bakara market, Majid Nur said.

Mr. Nur says that the flowers are products in which people come to their shops and buy and their business is booming at moment.

“Shop is open daily and the market is very good, we think of profit and not loss, our main customers mostly females who usually arrange ceremonies for different occasions, lovers come to buy flowers, they take gift lowers, but when wedding ceremonies, graduations, festivals, new year happiness and the Valentine Day of 14th February exits, we receive many customers who buy different kinds of flowers and that is the busiest time we are”, the seller said.

The seller of the flower Shop told there is no competition in the market over the products they have, but give more care and welcome to their customers through fixed price and bargainable rate with possible discounts and try to get customers’ satisfaction of their goods.

“There is no market competition here, we treat people well and bring them very beautiful flowers which we think, are their choice for their great occasions and celebrations, the price of our product flower starts from one U.S dollar to $25 dollar, look here, the flower for gifts that lovers buy is $14, some are $7 and for example plant (Tree) flower there is 25, we make discount if customers take large amount of flowers” Majid Nur added.

The artificial flowers are also very important and useful and needed when opening or laying the foundation of new development projects by the federal government, local government and members of the community.

Hafsa Ahmed, a civil servant told me that she often buys flowers from the flower Shop for different occasions.

“I know how to decorate new houses of the couples, my girl friends invite and request to contribute them and choose the proper flowers that would be attractive and very beautiful, I choose the selective and colorful ones, even when I am at work at ministry, the officials assign me for decorations to offices and when holding news events,  I am here now to observe the mostly beautiful flowers in order to come tomorrow or after tomorrow to buy because my girl friend is to be married next week”, Mrs. Ahmed said.


By Mohamed Osman Abdi “Black Cobra”

Chief Editor of English Service for SONNA & Radio mogadishu.

E-mail: Cobrasonna@gmail.com

Source: SONNA

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