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From street children to students with better life and bright future

From street children to students with better life and bright future

Mogadishu(Faanoole)-Two hundred and sixty street children, whose living conditions were very bad, are now getting better life, care and education in the Somali capital Mogadishu as government officials stood for them, and collected them from the streets and established rehabilitation center.

A school for these children named ‘Street Children Rehabilitation Center in Mogadishu’ was made in Abdiaziz district in Benadir region, north the capital by the Somali government in 2015

The first lady, Mrs. Sahra Omar Hassan had the idea to collect the street children from the streets in Mogadishu and gather them together in a college in order to save the future of those children according to the manager of the school.

Mubarak Sh. Ibrahim, the manager of the rehabilitation center told SONNA in his office that caring and controlling such people is not an easy work, feeling more progress and optimism in contest to the earlier days and months.

“We have 260 street children, 7 of them are girls here at moment, we first started with 70 street children, but the number was increasing gradually time to time, no one can recount how bad their lives were and how they are, they used to use all kinds of drugs, some them were unhealthy, hungry with dirty clothes and hopeless, but they are very happier, healthier and have better care, they eat three meals, sleep in a clean rooms and learn”, Mubarak said.

“Mama Sahra Omar Hassan, the first lady who is one of the founders supports the children and school, members from the federal parliament and ministers contribute cash money and sleeping materials to the center for some occasions, we are committed to hold such national service for our community”, he said.

Mr. Mubarak added that the children were in a risk to themselves and they were also present and future threat to the community if they would not get the right care and rehabilitation that they have at moment.

Mohamed Mohamud Nor 25, is among these children and tells SONNA more about his earlier days and present.

“I used to be at Km4 Junction, I used to sniffle glue, smoke cigarette, tobacco and other drugs, I sleep in the day time, I was awake whole night, I don’t know the reason, sometimes I used to be sleepless for days, I was hopeless totally, my father divorced my mother, they were in Mogadishu into areas as I remember”, Mohamed said.

“I thank the lady and other government members who restored my hope back, I eat three meals, sleep on mattresses, get health care, I pray five times, I am afraid of Allah(God), I learn primary education here, my favorites subjects are Qur’an and English language”, Mohamud added.

Abdisalan Sa’id Omar, 13 compares the situation saying the goats were better than they were

“My mother brought me here in Mogadishu in 2008 from Basaso town in Bari region north Somalia, I was street child there and she was thinking I would be better in Mogadishu, weeks later I joined other street children in Hamar-weyne market, she even does not know me here, I used to drink alcohol and narcotics, no prayer, education, better asleep, clothes and meals, but eat leftovers and I used to feel cold in rainy season because I did not go home, I can say the goat was better than I am because she goes home, but I don’t.”, Abdisalan said.

Sa’id added that he’s enjoying his life and have a big dream to be president of Somalia in the future and will help poor families by building them good houses while urged his former mates to join him to college now.

Deqo Abdisamad Farah, 25 used to deal in wine, hashish and she also used to use them, but at home.

“My mother and father are in Galkacyo town, my uncle brought me here for care, education and in order to get rid of bad habits, I am okay now, I have better life now, but I was in a bad situation, I married twice, I gave birth to a baby for the first husband, he divorced me then another one married me and he died 7 months after our marriage, I am widow, I am happy here now and plan to go back to my town and take awareness campaign against street children and people with bad habits”, Mrs. Farah said.

The Somali Police Forces had great role in the collection of these children and bringing to the rehabilitation center as they were violent ones earlier according to the manager.

These street children are first who got such opportunity to have care, education and the right health care since the collapse of the central Somalia.

By: Mohamed Osman Abdi “Black Cobra”
E-Mail: Blackcobra33@hotmail.com
Source: SONNA

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